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Samstag, 20. Januar 2018

Swiss Polar Day 2018 (ETH Zürich, 4. April 2018)

The Swiss Polar Day 2018 will gather the Swiss scientific community around international keynote speakers active in the Arctic, Antarctic and high-altitude regions. Following the Swiss Polar Institute’s Call for Ideas, the Swiss Polar Day will also be the opportunity to debate and give inputs into the preparation of a roadmap on SPI’s future priorities.

The one-day conference is free of charge and open to all active or aspiring members of the Swiss academic community interested or experienced in polar regions. Students, young scientists and experienced researchers from all fields are warmly invited to network and contribute to the debate!

Anmeldung und Programm

Where: ETHZ Hauptgebäude D1.1
When: 4 April 2018

Ilulissat-Eisfjord (Polararchiv Schweiz)

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