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Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) - Swiss national committee

What is APECS? 
The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists is an organization that aims to simulate interdisciplinary and international research collaboration on polar and cryospheric sciences. For this, APECS tries to:

- Facilitate international and interdisciplinary networking
- Provide opportunities for professional career development
- Promote education

For who?
For all young researchers, from undergraduate students to early faculty members, and all other people that are interested to follow what is happening in the Polar regions and the wider cryosphere.

If you are looking for new collaboration, useful advices for your project/career, the creation of a new working group, help in your educational program, expending your network at social events or conferences, etc. APECS is for you!

Our aims 
Our goal is to regroup the scientific community working on polar region and cryosphere related topics in Switzerland and encourage international collaboration and networking. For this, we:

- Set up a list of mentors and professors to whom you can address questions,
- Set up a list of events where young scientists can gather, share experiences and ideas
- Publish news of projects/findings happening in our country Link:

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